Testimonials from my customers

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all of my customers. Thank you for taking the time to research this breed and then deciding to give one of my babies a great home. I hope you love and cherish your new puppies as I have loved and cherished mine. I want to set up a page specifically for my customers. If you want to send me updated pictures of your new babies please feel free and I will post them on this page beside your testimonials. This can be done through my email or feedback button. Thank you!



Ziggy is such a remarkable dog!  He is everyone's favorite.  He is always ready to show off his affection by licking anyone.  Ziggy loves all people and all dogs, never meeting a single stranger.  He loves to play but will settle down in your lap for a nap.  His coat is satin smooth and very luxurious.  He is currently being trained to become a pet therapy dog!  Ziggy is very special to our family because he has brought so much sunshine after my nearly fatal car crash and my dad's unpredictable death.  All thanks to Destiny's Dachshunds!  I highly recommend them to everyone who is searching for the perfect pet:)...Shannon Pulver...Wiggins, MS




 After researching many breeders online, we came across Destiny's Dachshunds and felt an immediate connection- the bonus was finding out that she was only a short drive from our new home in Gulfport! From the very first email exchange, it was obvious that Destiny truly cares about ALL of her animals, and is dedicated to providing her puppies the very best care before they leave for their forever homes.

Our little Blitz is a treasure, and we will be forever grateful to Destiny for placing him in our home. Destiny provided us with weekly updates, beginning immediately after he was born, including photos and cute stories about what the pups were up to each week. Being so close to her here in Mississippi, I was also very fortunate in that I was able to go and visit Blitz to get to know him before we brought him home. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of Destiny's home and her animals, and really enjoyed getting to know her and her family during our visits. The added bonus of Destiny's family is that all of her puppies are exposed to other dogs and children, so they are more than ready for the transition to their new families!

I am happy to report that Blitz is doing very well. He has taken to our family just perfectly- keeping our 9-year old miniature dachshund young, and growing right along with our 10-month old son. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from a knowledgeable and caring breeder, please consider Destiny's Dachshunds for your next family member- she is truly the best! - Jenn Daniels



I would like to take the time to thank Destiny for matching me with my little baby boy, Chimi. She has been very helpful, and patient in helping me get my little guy. She has put me on her wait list until I felt ready to provide a home for a new puppy. She's a very wonderful breeder who cares about her babies and she will keep in contact to make sure they are doing good in their new homes. (She potty trains them at a early age so its up to the new owner to be consistent. Less work for you in that department if you keep up)

Chimi is the perfect match made in heaven, from hair color to his gorgous blue-brown eyes. He's a little a angel, with a big personaility. He's smart, extremely playful, funny, and fiesty at times. Bringing him home has helped my other doggy, Bubbles, reclaim her playful days. They play together, eat together, and sleep together sometimes. She's being either the big sister or the mommy, by protecting him. Chimi is the sweetest puppy that loves to be spoiled and I spoil him with lots of kisses and hugs every single day.
I'm so happy to have gotten my little boy, Chimi, from Destiny. Her puppies are extremely healthy and bring such joy to your home. I will definitely keep in contact for another addition to my mini family in the future.- Stephanie Perez




Star is doing great. My dad liked her name and wanted to keep it. We did get the papers. Thanks! Star is spoiled rotten. She sits in the chair with my dad all evening and also loves to play with everyone. She sleeps in her crate at night and has never fussed or whined at night. She is doing well with potty training as well. She has seen our vet twice now and got a clean bill of health. He thinks she will remain pretty small. All of her shots and worming are handled by our vet, Dr. Pat Larkin. We will let you know when she is spayed. She has brought such joy to my dad. He handles her like a baby. I will try to send you a picture soon. I tried to take her picture yesterday, but she wouldn’t be still. I still think about the little piebald puppy I liked so much. We just love weenie dogsJ Email me when you do have another litter. I would love to get the smallest female piebald you have. I am willing to wait until just the right puppy. I’ll email a picture soon. Star is now eating Science Diet which the vet suggested. She does have smaller stools on this brand food. Thanks for everything. - Karen Touchstone



My husband and I recently got our Dachshund puppy, Draiko, from Destiny. The entire experience was fantastic!! This is our first puppy, so we had a million questions. Destiny made the entire process a breeze!  I emailed her countless times a day with ridiculous questions and advice before we got the puppy. We got him at 10 weeks old, and I can't say enough about how easy she made his transition. She sent us home with food, toys, training pads, and everything. He was also already crate trained when we got him, which revolutionized everything.  She had already started potty training, and we were able to pick up where she left off. After we got home with Draiko I continued to email Destiny about anything I had a question on: baths, what type of shampoo to use, how many times he should be pottying, you name it. She has always been prompt with a response, very helpful, and has even called to check on him. She made getting this puppy so easy for us, and made us feel comfortable at every step along the way. I can't reccommend her enough if you're looking to buy a puppy. GREAT experience!!- Paul and Raven Tynes



I am happy to say that my husband and I recently purchased two puppies, Blaze and Ariel, from Destiny.  I was so impressed with the care and cleanliness of the puppies.  It was such a pleasant transition from her home to ours.  The fact that Destiny starts the puppies out by kennel training them has been a blessing.  No sleepless nights!  We had a 5 hour drive back to our home and kennel training helped us so much.  Our puppies never made a sound in the car.    Destiny answered all our questions and it is so comforting to know that I can still call her today for pointers or to give her updates.  It was so helpful when she sent us home with all the basic needs, such as food, puppy pads, and a few of their favorite toys.  When we picked up Blaze and Ariel, Destiny was already working on potty training with them.  This has been such a big help to us.  We like the fact that Destiny is particular about who takes her puppies and that she requires them to have a well check at the vet within 3 days of a new ownership.  I feel that this is a caring and loving breeder and it ensures that you have taken possession of a good puppy.  If you want a puppy that comes from a loving home and want a pleasurable experience, then please give Destiny your business. - Phillip and Alisa Powell