Divya and Aspen had 4 beautiful babies on January 28, 2015. Sadly we lost one baby girl. Rest in peace Evia.

Leia and Aspen had 4 babies on January 27, 2015.


Dam: Leia   Sire: Prince   Leia's First Litter: December 21, 2013


 Dam: Candy Sire: Aspen  Candy's Third and Final Litter: October 13, 2013

Thank you to Mrs. Theresa and Mr. Ray in New Jersey from giving us the perfect home!!

Thank you to Jennifer via Mrs. Theresa and Mr. Ray in New Jersey for giving me an awesome home with a little girl all my own!!!

Dam: Autumn Sire: Suede   Autumn's Third Litter: April 21, 2013


        Champagne went to live with Holly Miller

            in Lizana, MS. Thank you, Holly, for

            for giving beautiful little Champagne

                  a wonderful fourever home!



     Adonis went to go live with Shannon Pulver

       in Wiggins, MS. His name name is Ziggy!

             Thank you to Shannon for giving

                        him a great home!



      Kinley went to live in Port Sulpher, LA with

              Kristin LeBeouf and her family!

            Thank you for giving this baby an

                    awesome home, Kristin!



          Ember went to live with Scotty Cuevas

    in Pass Christian, MS! Her new name is Penny. 

          Thank you, Scotty, for givingher a great

                           and loving home!


Dam: Autumn Sire: Suede   Autumn's Second Litter: August 28-29, 2012




Dam: Autumn Sire: Diamond   Autumn's First Litter. Born December 27-28, 2011


                                         Autumn's First Litter Group Photo            

                Tanner went to live with                    Reeses went to live with 
           the Golmon's in Thibodaux, LA.        Mr. and Mrs.Van Huss in Biloxi, MS.

         Kahlua went to live with the           Cinnamon went to live with Jaime Smith

       Hopper Family in Saucier, MS.            and her daughters in Saucier, MS.


Dam: Jasamine  Sire: Peanut     Jasamine's Second Litter. Born October 18, 2011.  


                                       Jasamine's Second Litter Group Photo


       Sophia  went to live with                             Ariel and Blaze went to live with

   Barbara Travis in Gulfport, MS.          Alisa and Phillip Powell in North Mississippi.


Dam: Candy     Sire: Levi      Candy's and Levi's first litter. Born Feb. 9, 2011.


                                                Candy's First Litter Group Photo


              Draiko went to live with the                                Tank went to live with the 

                     Tynes in Petal, MS.                                    Klinegardners in Saucier, MS      

                Sissy went to live with the                           Nala went to live with the Layers    

              Schmieders in Gulfport, MS.                                  in Rockledge, Florida.    


Dam: Jasamine          Sire: Sonny         Jasamine's and Sonny's first litter.
                                        Born Jan. 7, 2010


                                             Jasamine's First Litter Group Photo

                   Zowie went to live with                

              Elora Reese in North Carolina      

        Mose went to live with the                 Candy is staying here with me.

    Greatbatches in Moss Point, MS



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































                          Jasamine's 2010 Litter Group Photo


     Zowie went to live with Elora Reese           Cookie went to live with                

                     in North Carolina                             the Farris in Biloxi, MS   



            Mose went to live with the                             Candy stays here with us.

         Greatbatches in Moss Point, MS