Momma: Meet Akira!! She is the daughter of Divya and Aspen. Akira is a petite little girl and weighs 9 pounds. She is very laid back but is very silly. She is incredibly smart and such a good girl.


FUTURE MOMMA: Meet Nia! She is the daughter of Oceanna and Dakota. She is now 15 months old and is about 12 pounds. She is a happy go lucky puppy and loves to play with anybody and everybody. She is extremely loving.


FUTURE MOMMA: Meet Blanca! She is the gorgeous daughter of Latte and Aspen from their current litter. She will be staying here at Destiny's Dachshunds as a future Momma and part of our family. She is only 9 weeks old and is a typical baby. She loves to cuddle, play, and play in the water. She loves water just like her Momma.


MOMMA:  LATTE is RETIRED!! Latte is the daughter of Autumn and sister to Leia. She is  a chocolate and tan smooth coat. Her best friend is Oceana! she loves to chase the cat and make her play with her. She loves swimming in the pool with our children and will not let you catch her if she thinks you are going to pick her up to take her in the house and not put her in the pool. She weighs about 8.5 pounds. Unfortunately, she is having to retire do to the fact she does not like breeding. She loves the babies she gets from being AI'd but she does not like the males close to her when she is in season. 







Autumn is chocolate & tan female. She weighs 9 pounds. and is very sweet and loving. She has  the perfect disposition.  *Retired and Spayed*



LEIA IS RETIRING! Leia is homegrown. She is a chocolate and tan piebald. She weighs 14 pounds. Autumn and Suede are her dam and sire. She is sweet, affectionate and loves to play. Her Momma is her best friend. *RETIRED*


 OCEANA IS RETIRED!! Oceana is a beautiful blue and tan dapple long coat! She is so sweet and cuddley. She loves attention from everyone and doesn't meet a stranger. She also loves water and her new favorite thing to do is play in her water bowl. She is currently 9 pounds. *RETIRED*