Welcome to Destiny's Dachshunds!


Akira has had her babies!!!! Akira is a gorgeous ee cream long coat and she was bred to an outside stud who happens to be a stunning cream brindle long coat. They have 5 beautiful babies. We have 4 baby boys available from this litter. Please do not contact me through Facebook any longer as they are not allowing the sell of live animals any longer. Please text me at 228-239-5753 for any questions regarding these babies.



              Dam: AKIRA                           SIRE: RINGO

ee Ceam Long Coat - $1100 LIMITED AKC (PENDING)

ee Cream Long Coat -$1100 Limited AKC

Shaded Cream Long Coat - $1100 Limited AKC


Cream Brindle Long Coat - $1100 Limited AKC





























































New Puppy Checklist

Water/Feed Bowls


Puppy Food/Treats/Bones


Dog Bed

Dog Crate

Local Veternarian

Puppy Shampoo

Puppy Pee Pads

Nail Clippers



Potty Training Tips

1) Kennel Train First (Put bedding

     on one side & Pee Pad on the

    other side but make sure they are


2)  Let out early in the morning

3)  Let out every hour and a half

4)  Let out after eating and playing

5) Reward with treats when a potty

    trip is successful

6) Make sure that every potty trip

     is at least 10-15 minutes long